Leaf teas

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  • DToX


    Others call it Detox, we have the DToX. E less, with a capital X for a better impact, with real super ingredients detoxifying.

  • ToniK


    Sencha green tea, a little matcha, lemon, you want it here and finally the little green tea that you need.

  • L'or blanc


    Beauty comes from within and to be done, we must maintain it.

  • L'épicéa


    It's a profusion of citrus fruits, in a black tea, here at AparTea.

  • Le vert d'été


    36 degrees, sunshine on the terrace, a light breeze from the north, nothing like summer green to cool off.

  • Zen attitude


    The stress, the pressure, even more, always more ... in short it is necessary to relax, to calm down, to rest, to blossom.

  • Sporty


    A real detox tea, you will feel it in your mouth and your hips will thank you.

  • Le lavandou


    South of France, Lavandou, small town, full of colors and scents, roses are omnipresent.

  • Menthol boost


    Some call it nahnah, we call it menthol boost because it is a tea base of green tea, mint and cardamom

  • Tarte tatin


    The tarte tatin to drink? no it's not a fiction, just a white tea, with a great taste of apple and cinnamon

  • L'orangeade


    A timeless tea with scents of oranges and cinnamon. Sencha green tea, cinnamon, orange, pink pepper, a splendid scent.

  • Fraisier des bois


    The strawberry wood is above all a tea, even if its scent will make you think of a basket of red berries.